ABOUT Griffin Payroll

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Griffin Payroll is Private crypto payroll all-in-one solution for web3 organizations
Griffin Payroll is built for Enabling Web3 organizations to automate crypto payroll system in the most private&handy way.
Problem We Solved
Many people in the Web3 scene are already paid with crypto, and statistics show that the amount of crypto paid as wages is expected to increase. In this context, solutions that make crypto payroll easier are also emerging recently, and examples include Request.Finance.
However, the biggest problem with all of these services is that all transactions are inevitably transparent due to the characteristics of the existing blockchains. So all the salary amount, timing, and recipient's wallet address used to disclosed.
In fact, most companies are reluctant to disclose the amount of wages employees receive due to their advantag e in salary negotiations and relationship issues between employees.
So existing crypto payroll services do not meet the company's needs regarding this privacy issue, and this is one of the biggest reasons why crypto wage payments are not becoming popular.
GriffinPay solved this problem with Polygon Nightfall
We provide absolutely non-transparent, private crypto payroll transactions.
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